How to set ‘I am on SMS” in Yahoo Messenger?


If you set Yahoo account on ‘I am on SMS’, then your Yahoo messenger friends can send you free SMS.

When you are offline, your friends will see ‘Im on SMS’ next to your ID. They can click on your ID and send message which you will receive on your mobile phone.

This is all free, you will only incur charges if you reply to received SMS from your mobile phone. Here is easy procedure to set your ID on ‘Im on SMS’ in Yahoo Messenger.

Step1. Log in Yahoo Messenger. Then click on ‘Messenger’ tab and click on ‘Sign in to Mobile Device’,

Step2. In the next window select country from drop down menu and enter your mobile number. You don’t have to enter country code, just enter your mobile number without any country code.

Step3. You will receive SMS with a code like 5746. Enter that code in the next window and its all done.

Everytime you log-off from Yahoo messenger you will receive SMS with details of friends currently online. Besides, you will also receive messages on mobile phone if any messenger friends sends your message while your status is set to ‘Im on SMS’

This is very handy, till now not even single message was lost and SMS are delivered instantenously. Again, there are NO charges to receive messages from friends. You will only incur charges if you reply to friend via receive message.

P.S.You can edit your mobile settings on Yahoo messenger by clicking ‘Messenger’ -> ‘Preferences’ (or use Ctrl + Shift + P) Checkout settings at the bottom of the window.

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  1. Always this error comes when i try to attach my mobile number with yahoo. “We are unable to support the number that you have provided at this time.”

    Only with my number if do with any other number like my frnds it adds, pls suggest what to do I am frm Rajasthan jaipur

  2. Mohammed Adul Kader says

    I am from Bangladesh. I am a user of Yahoo Messenger. I can’t connect my cell phone in yahoo messenger when i go to offline. Can I get any suggestions to connect my cell phone in yahoo messenger on the offline for sending and receiving message?

  3. i can not see my msg on yahoo chat

  4. Somebody no how to received sms via YM or website during mobile phone no have signal. Specially work at offshore or not get network coverage.
    Please share with me.


  5. i jst wnt to knw tht how to change the phn number which is already set as i’m on sms…..???????

  6. How to set ‘I am on SMS” in Yahoo Messenger; by using a Bangladeshi Mobile Operator (i.e. GrameenPhone)?

  7. hi i registered my mobile number to my two email address so whichever i log out last, its where i am signed in to my mobile and am automatically signed out from being i’m on sms from the other one, it has been okay long time ago, lately, i always get offline messages from expected contact even i know i am on sms on that yahoo id, i tried it myself and found out that when i send message to the yahoo id w/c shows that ..on mobile or am on sms, it automatically signs out or …it goes offline…am puzzled, help me please, thank you.

  8. i want to sign in to mobile everytime i signed out from YM, but my messenger has no mobile device,i can’t find me how i will sign in to mobile…thanks a lot

  9. hello i sign mobile device but i received any message last 16 hours , pls help me this problems and how i get last 16 hours my messages

  10. I am from bangladesh but my country is not in country list. how could you set this service???

  11. hi i live in iran n i wanted to set my yahoo messenger on sms mode but when i wanted to select my country,it didnt exist,wht shall i do then?plz help me

  12. how can i edit the im on sms number plz tel me the answer

  13. i want to sign out from mobile device.. how i will sign out?

  14. how to set in yahoo messenger if your friend is online the yahoo-messenger will text.

    • i am sign in my mobile device but when my any freind is online on yahoo messenger at the same time i don’t receive any sms relating to online of my friend so plz help me

  15. prettyjen says

    what if my mssenger has no mobile device,, i cant find it in my messenger!1 plsss help!!

  16. piojunbabia says

    i cannot install the yahoo messenger program because when i install it. there is an error message….so i only chat at so how can i add SMS with out using yahoo messenger by using only at please? can any one help me thanks…

  17. want to know says

    i just want to know…
    if I register my mobile number..
    is it PRIVATE (for yahoo messenger use only) or anyone can track the number???


    • Davinder says

      Lylie55@ Ideally it should be private, you can always remove your mobile details anytime from Yahoo msgr.

  18. it is not suporting my number how i can give the number

  19. i try to register but it says we are unable to support this no. at this time

    However many of my firends using this operator service and get registered.
    wt cud be the problm

  20. ‘I am on SMS” in Yahoo Messenger.
    How to set u.a.e country

  21. @Abrar
    Open yahoo messenger > Click on messenger option at the top > preferences

    Under general tab, click on ‘edit mobile device’ button at the top. Hope this helps!

  22. Hi, i only want to ask that i want to put another mobile number for “I am on sms”. can you please tell me that how to remove the old number? thanks very much

  23. generate the relavent information to my mobile device

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