Make Windows XP error message box online

Even in times of Windows 7 operating system, Windows XP has not lost its share of charm and users. Do you want to prank friends with fake witty Windows error messages? You can easily do this online in few simple clicks using Online Error Message generator tool. It allows you to create

Fake Virus prank program for real fun

Virus on computer can easily make it do some strange things with different pop-up errors, blue screen of death and nasty error messages on black screen. This for sure is scary for any Windows user. How about faking all this for real fun with friends? This is possible using "The Ultimate

Windows Fun by showing joke, pranky error messages

We have already seen cool way to create fake and funny error message boxes. Well, checkout Dr Windows that can save you from dying of humor - does it? On the face of it, this program will behave as if it is protecting your computer from something (not sure what). This will actually

Witty Status Messages for Twitter, Facebook, forums

Having a strong and naughty punchline under profile link at different social networking websites and forums is a must have for most of us. Checkout few witty status punchline messages for imaginary user 'Tom' Tom was incomplete until he got married. Now he's finished!! Tom is

Create Fake & Funny Windows Error Message Box

An average Windows user would have seen Windows error message box once in a while. Most of these error messages are sane which guide you and inform you about task at hand. You can add some insanity to them by creating fake and funny Windows error message boxes using 'The Message Box