Create Fake & Funny Windows Error Message Box


An average Windows user would have seen Windows error message box once in a while. Most of these error messages are sane which guide you and inform you about task at hand.

You can add some insanity to them by creating fake and funny Windows error message boxes using ‘The Message Box Toy’. Read the error message on the box as in image above. It is a small utility 15kb that does not require installation.

To get started, enter the title bar text and select box icon. Then you can add maximum of 4 lines on the message box. You can also configure text for OK and CANCEL buttons. You can save the message box (only in text format).

Alternatively, you can use ‘Print Screen’ button to save your fake Window message box and then email it to friends for some fun. Download ‘The Message Box Toy’ [link], would have been great fun if it add option to automatically show fake message – still good enough to create those fake messages!



  1. What about this? Self made Windows fake error messages:

  2. gmail

  3. i love errors

  4. you do not want to save it as txt, you want to click on save as, and where it says txt document,change it to all files. after that, name your file “___.vbs” without quatations. then when you click on the file, the message will pop up. you can use any program to take a picture(fraps, snipping tool, etc.) then you can attach the file to your email and tada! you gave your friend the fake message!

  5. I can create the fake error message, but I cannot find a way to save it to paste or attach to an email later. I tried print screen, but I get the whole screen shot when I only want the error message. Saving it as a txt file in the default folder turns out to be inaccessible. I can save it as a txt file in my other folders but then I can’t open it. Great little program, but it needs better instructions.

    • Okay Well To Make them your self on a windows xp pro or home edition os
      First Open Notepad
      then type this in the notepad
      Actually i’ll give you an example you can try copy and paste this into a blank notepad

      x= msgbox (“This System Has Just Suffered A Serious Error And Is In Recovery” ,5+12, “Windows XP Professional”)

      now save it as whatever you want but has to have the extension .vbs without .vbs it won’t work, vbs is a visual basic script file
      now to make this yours

      x= msgbox (“Whatever you want it to say leave the quotes” ,5+12, “And this is the same only is the title of the message”)

      and the 5+12 is the icon group which i will include here:
      16 – critical message icon
      32 – warning icon
      48 – warning message
      64 – info message
      Just where the ,5+12, is replace with one of the 4
      ,48, or ,32,
      And hopefully that helped

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