Twitter Ribbon Ad generator, get more followers


If you are active on Twitter and want to build bigger community around your Twitter profile, then its time to do some publicity. One free and easy way is using Twitter Ribbon ad that gets instant attention, clicks and followers to your Twitter account (hopefully).

TwitterRibbons web service provide an easy way to generate and show Twitter Ribbon Ads on your blog or website. To get started, enter your Twitter username, select Ribbon design template and click submit button. Copy and paste the code in your blog or website template and Twitter Ribbon Ad should appear.

There are over 18 Twitter ribbon templates with Twitter birdie in different mood and position. Head over to TwitterRibbons for quick Twitter Ribbon ad for your blog. When on the website, scroll down to see various Twitter ribbon templates.



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  2. I use Hummingbird to get more followers on Twitter. I think this is the link:

  3. Cheers,
    I’ll go add this code to my blog now :D

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