Vista to Windows7 upgrade, free or not ?

All Windows Vista users looking for free Windows7 upgrade, here is good and bad news. Yes, Windows Vista users will be eligible for FREE Windows7 upgrade but only limited users. Here are few possible features of upcoming 'Vista to Windows7' upgrade process. Preinstalled Windows Vista

Window7 Beta on Microsoft website, Download when?

Microsoft is eager to drop curtains on much anticipated Windows7 operating system. Latest in addition is launch of Windows7 Beta page on Microsoft website. It gives introduction about Windows7 and links to official announcement blogs. There is no active download links as of now. It

View & print details of Hardware & software on PC

A computer has loads of installed software and hardware at any given time. WinAudit is a cool free software, that tells you about all software and hardware on the computer. After download, install - click on the scan button. After the scan, you will be presented with details of

Windows Azure, Cloud OS from Microsoft revealed

It was suppose to be Windows Strata and finally (& officially) it has been unveiled as Windows Azure - the cloud operating system from Microsoft. With Azure, Microsoft gets all ready to show its claws and hurt leading cloud computing players like Amazon and Google.

Latest Ubuntu ‘Intrepid Ibex’ CDs, Order your Free Copy

Ubuntu is free and has always been free. 'Intrepid Ibex’ is the latest version of Linux based operating system 'Ubuntu'. Microsoft ship evaluation products like Windows Home server CDs to generate interest and sales. But, here at Ubuntu its all free for everyone. You can

Test Drive Windows Vista SP1 Online in your Browser

Windows Vista service pack 1 was released a while ago but Microsoft recently opened its online test drive. Now you can test drive Windows Vista SP1 within

See Complete List of Drivers on your Computer

Are you Interested in knowing complete information regarding drivers on your computer? If yes, then here are two options: You can either use utility 'DriverView' or view list by using command line. DriverView is a standalone executable utility. You need to run the executable