Delete recent Jump List items on Windows 7


When you right click any opened application on Windows 7 taskbar, it shows additional recent ‘Jump List’ items. Do you want to delete latest jump list items from right click menu of icons displayed on Windows 7 taskbar? You can remove and clear all recent items in the jump list through single routine using following procedure.

Remove latest ‘Jump list’ items on Windows 7

1. Right click on the taskbar and click ‘properties’ option.

2. In ‘Taskbar and Start Menu properties’ window click on ‘Start Menu’ tab.

3. Click to uncheck  ‘Store and display recent opened items in the Start Menu and the taskbar’ under ‘Privacy’ option. This will delete all recent Jump list items.

You can click to check this option again to store recent items in future or keep it unchecked to disable this feature permanently. You can also access option to clear recent Jump list items from the Start Menu. Just uncheck ‘Store and display recent opened items in the Start Menu’ to get going.



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