Extended Firefox statusbar like Opera

Do you want detailed status bar in Firefox browser like one in Opera? Extended Status Firefox plugin adds functionality of extended status bar in Firefox browser. It show lot of information including: percentage of the page loaded, number of loaded images, bytes downloaded, load time and

How to enable Firefox taskbar preview feature

By default, the taskbar preview feature is not available in Firefox browser. However, it is present in Google Chrome browser by default. No need to miss this feature in Firefox, you can turn ON this cool feature by tweaking few settings of your Firefox browser installed on Windows 7

Switch to new tabs in Firefox automatically

Generally, when you click a link it opens a new tab or you hold down the Ctrl key while clicking a link to make it open in new tab. By default, Firefox does not  switch to new tab but keep the current tab active. However, with settings change you can easily switch to new tab in Firefox

Disable automatic resize of website windows in Firefox

Sometimes when you open a particular website in Mozilla Firefox browser, it is opened in resized state instead of maximized state. You can easily disable and prevent this website window resizing by changing  few options in Firefox browser installed on your computer. Restrict Website

Blackbird, a web browser for & by African Americans

A special browser for special needs is nothing new like we had Fashion Gloss browser from flock for people interested in latest fashion buzz. However, special browser for a specific community is something new (& interesting?).

Best Firefox3 Addons, Mozilla reveal Top3 winners

Mozilla has announced top3 winning Firefox3 add-ons as a part of 'Extend Firfox3 contest'. (Extend Firefox 3 is a developer contest to encourage development and innovation in Web experience through add-ons to Firefox 3.) After going through over 100 entries representing hundreds of