Download Bing toolbar for IE & Firefox


Microsoft Live search became Bing decision search and now MSN toolbar has become Bing toolbar. You can download this free toolbar to have Bing powered search integrated in Internet Explorer or Firefox web browser. Besides Bing search, it has loads of other features for accessing Microsoft Live services and information on the web.


Features of Bing Toolbar

1. Search Bing Decision Search within browser.
2. Get latest news, sports, entertainment, stocks, weather information.
3. Get notified of new emails & preview them without leaving the webpage.
4. Customize toolbar colors and style as per personal choice.

Download Bing Toolbar (formerly MSN toolbar) with integrated Bing search, cool looks and features.



  1. iman sanji says

    the Bing toolbar is good but that have one or two problems that is large and ….

  2. I tried downloading the Bing Toolbar but a pop up says “not at this time, only works for windows 7 etc.”…I have windows 7, so what is the problem then??

  3. When I install Bing bar, shorcut CTRL + M, in Photoshop CS5 stop working.

  4. Bing is good for searching adult videos.

  5. bing aaa laaa laaa huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  6. clermont clergeot says

    bing is very great

  7. clermont clergeot says

    love bing

  8. trying to download bing toolbar for win server 08 – it displays error message unsupported operating system.

  9. When
    I try to download the Bing bar, it shows a first window asking me if I want to Run it, then another one shows up and says the same thing, but when I click on it, it dissapears and another window pops up and says not enough memory. Any help?

    • you have to go to control panel and look for uninstall programs it will erase some memory

    • Paul Whitehead says

      if your trying to gain access to bing toolbar through IE-8…good luck.
      Try another serch engine…firefox…google chrome, it works

    • If It’s telling Not enough Memory, You Need to Upgrade your Memory, It doesn’t cost all that much, Your Computer Today Needs a Minimum of 3G of Memory. If you Bought your Computer at a Department Store, You Definitely need more Memory, My First Computer I Bought at Wal-Mart, & Sure Enough, after the 1st. Year, I needed more Memory.

  10. Jeff Handrihan says

    I’ve downloaded & installed Bing Bar. It appears to load onto Firefox Browser, but then the following message appears in the toolbar – ‘Configuring Bing Bar Features’. Then nothing happens and the tool bar does not appear. Any suggestions?

  11. I use both Bing and Google search engine and i dont see much difference in their search results. I use google for searching hard to find academic topics and Bing for general search.

  12. i think that Bing is not as good as Google. Google would still index new websites faster than Bing. Microsoft would still need a lot of catching to do with GoogleBot.

    • Thats probably true, but Google also tracks what your doing & then sometimes they will even advertise it. The other day I was typing in how to remove leg pains, then on all these different websites I used from Google, an advertisement would be on the side of the page for removing leg pains. Also, I emailed my friend (Gmail) about this show I like, and that show started advertising as well. But then again, its your choice. :)

  13. pam rodgers says

    I stumbled upon Bing one day, and was instantly surprisd at how FAST this search engine worked.I am a full time college student, and Bing is extremely good, for all my computer uses.As I get ready to download there toolbar,I only hope I can customize it for my personal use,not a “standard” toolbar, with buttons already attached to it that you don’t need.I am referring(sp) to windows live.Thanks again for BING

  14. George Tanyingu says

    I like bing search engine

  15. saptarshi das says

    I have downloaded bing toobar but it is not adding in my IE 8. In toolbar options there is no option for bing toolbar. though silverlight is installed in my PC. Plz solve.

  16. i allso like bing, but its evolving into better all the time.
    bing should have a homepage as how you

  17. OmarDheisat says

    I like bing search engine,
    I appreciate you if i can Download Bing toolbar for IE & Firefox on my portable.

  18. OmarDheisat says

    i like bing search engine

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