Hide or show Bookmarks bar in Chrome

For few users Bookmarks bar is very important component in a web browser. It allows quick hopping to favorite websites with minimum clicking. You can easily manage favorite websites in bookmarks bar in Google Chrome browser. By default, bookmarks bar is visible in new Chrome window. You

Disable language translation toolbar in Chrome

Google Chrome has useful feature of popping language translation bar while browsing non-default language websites in Chrome. This translation bar indicate the current language of the webpage and user can click translate button for quick language translation into his default browser

How to add Quick Launch in Windows 7 taskbar

Microsoft has modified the toolbar and added some really good features to taskbar of Windows 7 operating system. Quick launch is one of most used feature in Windows XP or Vista systems. However, in Windows 7 by default the quick launch feature is missing. You can easily enable it back

Remove / uninstall web browser toolbars

Are you trying to figure out quick and easy way to remove toolbar clutter in web browser? One time consuming way is to manually remove each and every installed toolbar. Smart Toolbar Remover program makes this process all easy and quick. Just run the program to see and remove installed

Download Facebook toolbar for Firefox

Tired of refreshing Facebook webpage to stay updated with latest activity in your account? Integrate Facebook within your Firefox browser and stay updated with latest Facebook activity as you browse your favorite websites. It has lot of features to stay connected with Facebook friends,

Download Bing toolbar for IE & Firefox

Microsoft Live search became Bing decision search and now MSN toolbar has become Bing toolbar. You can download this free toolbar to have Bing powered search integrated in Internet Explorer or Firefox web browser. Besides Bing search, it has loads of other features for accessing Microsoft

Record & download streaming audio video content in browser

Often we watch a video or listen a beautiful song in web browser and end thinking "... wish I could download and save this video or song on my computer!" Well, this is possible for any video you watch or any song you listen in web browser using "Ask and Record Toolbar". It is a free web

Download new Yahoo Toolbar for IE & Firefox

Yahoo has given glitzy makeover to their toolbar, which now available for download for Internet Explorer and Firefox. You can save lot of time getting updated information from your favorite websites with instant preview feature. A pop up window can show latest updates from any of your

Official new MySpace Toolbar, download for IE / FF

MySpace social networking website has launched its new and official toolbar. With this toolbar you can receive your Myspace account activity notifications regardless of which website you are surfing. You can instantly know about new comments, messages, friend updates and friend requests

Jump to Orkut a click away with New Google Toolbar

New Google Toolbar promises easy and quick access to Orkut. Besides quick jump to Orkut login page, you can search Orkut from any webpage you are viewing - using this new Google Toolbar. After you download and install this New Google Toolbar, get started with following steps: Go to

Now StumbleUpon without Toolbar, Officially

StumbleUpon is a very popular website that allow users to share interesting links of topics of their interest. Ideally, one needs to install StumbleUpon toolbar and share links using that toolbar. Well, NOT any more.

Download Google Toolbar 5 for Firefox

Google has released new version of 'Google Toolbar 5' for Firefox users. Besides the usual Google search box, it has one click access to many Google services. With this toolbar you can access services like: Gmail, Google Docs, Google Maps, Youtube etc easily with Firefox browser.