Now StumbleUpon without Toolbar, Officially


StumbleUpon is a very popular website that allow users to share interesting links of topics of their interest. Ideally, one needs to install StumbleUpon toolbar and share links using that toolbar.

Well, NOT any more. As pointed by Appscout, you can now “Stumble” onto user-recommended content without registering or installing a toolbar.

“… By allowing people to now Stumble without registering or downloading a toolbar, we will surface the best content on the Web to an even wider audience,” said Garrett Camp, company co-founder.

This virtual stumbleupon toolbar will stick at the top of a webpage and you can use it like usual StumbleUpon toolbar. However, you willl still need to register if you want to recommend sites to other Stumblers.

Still in early stage, a partner site can integrate StumbleUpon toolbar to stumble content of only that website. They have selected few participating websites like HowStuffWorks, The Huffington Post, National Geographic.

Click here and check the virtual StumbleUpon toolbar at the top of the webpage. How did that appear? Open any article page on HowStuffWorks [click here for example], scroll down and click on StumbleUpon button.

StumbleUpon userbase has seen decline and there was buzz of StumbleUpon owners looking for a possible buyer. This new change will bring lot of new stumbleupon users who hate installing toolbars (including me!).



  1. This is really cool as most of the people are not a true fans of SU toolbar.

    This helps really well for people who use different browsers.

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