Jump to Orkut a click away with New Google Toolbar


New Google Toolbar promises easy and quick access to Orkut. Besides quick jump to Orkut login page, you can search Orkut from any webpage you are viewing – using this new Google Toolbar. After you download and install this New Google Toolbar, get started with following steps:

  • Go to the ‘Search’ pull down menu on the left side.
  • Select ‘Orkut’ & enter the search term.
  • Hit the Enter key and Orkut Search results page will open.

As pointed by Orkut Blog, new Toolbar also allows you to add a custom Orkut button to the toolbar that gives ‘one-click’ access to Orkut sign-in page. To add an orkut button to your toolbar, just go to the Button Gallery and select ‘orkut’.

Besides quick access to Orkut, New Google Toolbar offer lot of other features that integrate Google services with your web browser including: creation of multiple profiles, synchronization of settings online, adding gadgets.



  1. plzzzz send me new orkut i bake u

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