Instant language translation on Bing search

Bing search has added another new feature of instant language translation. Just goto Bing decision search, enter your word or phrase followed by word translation. Hit the enter key to see translation of that word in different languages, powered by Microsoft Translator. For example type:

Bing search homepage photos, browse full collection

Bing Search website opens up with a fresh background photo daily. While Bing search results may not be that cool, background photos are for sure very cool. We have already seen method to copy and download those cool looking Bing homepage wallpapers. If you are still missing the daily fill

How to open Bing search without background image?

Bing search homepage comes loaded with decorative and fresh background image which can be downloaded for personal graphics collection. However, slow internet connection users may not like Bing loading with heavy background image - slowing down the whole Bing experience! Here is

Download Official Bing Tones, ringtones for phone

Microsoft is leaving nothing to imagination and trying everything to Bing across every web user. So besides refreshing daily wallpaper photo on Bing decision search, you can even get Bing on your mobile phone. bINg, biNg, binG, BING.... is what you will hear in official Microsoft Bing

Google, Bing & Wolfram – search & compare together

We have already seen knowledge based search Wolfram helping out in mathematics problems and creating cool ringtones. We have even seen 3 web tools to search and compare Google and Bing results simultaneously. Here comes triple play to search and compare results from Google, Bing and

How to download old Bing homepage wallpaper photos?

Bing decision search comes with lot of features we have already seen and discussed. It comes loaded with glitzy wallpaper everyday. Wallpapers are so good that you might have been tempted to download them to grace your desktop screen. To get started with download process, you need to open

3 tools to compare Bing vs Google search results

Bing made debut with bang and has impressed many users. People are game for Bing because of its slick interface and search results (to some extent). Google loyalists are keeping close eye on Bing to see results it shows up for different keywords. If you want to perform current hottest

Make Bing as default search in Firefox, IE & Chrome

Bing looks good courtesy its feature laden interface and functionality. This might have tempted to hop from Yahoo / Google to Bing as your default search engine in your favorite web browser. Here goes the process to set Bing as your default search engine and be a Binger! Internet

Call Bing 411 for local information & search

Microsoft Live Search 411 has existed for a while giving healthy competition to Google 411. Both allows you to access local information using 1-800 number. Microsoft newest search engine Bing also comes loaded with brand new Bing 411 service to access local listings and

10 Bing Search tips & features for better searching

Microsoft has managed to create lot of hype for its newest attempt to capture search market with Bing Decision Search. It went Live a while back, if you are still planning to explore Bing, read on for quick, easy and more productive Bing Search drive. 1. Summary text - Don't be in hurry

Bing Search is now LIVE

Bing Search is now LIVE on the web, it replaces Microsoft's LIVE search. It has blue logo on the background image feature fierce snow leopard (is that a warning for Google?). Still early days, tryout few favorite keyword searches on Bing and see how it goes. One feature that should

Download Bing Search Wallpapers [Exclusive]

Microsoft's latest Google Killer attempt, Bing Decision Search is making lot of bing ding all over the web. Bing will go live in few weeks from now. We have already seen Bing Search leaked favicon and first look screenshot / video. Checkout few exclusive (why? - these are custom made by