Download Bing Bar, the new Bing Toolbar


Just after the launch of Live search as Bing search laden with loads of features, MSN toolbar was serving the purpose of Bing Toolbar. Now, Microsoft has launch all new Bing toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. Just like Bing interface, toolbar is heavy on looks and is much thicker than usual toolbars.


Bing Bar features

1. Auto suggestions feature provide options as you type for search.
2. Provide easy access to news, sports, entertainment information.
3. Customize toolbar to your liking and need.
4. One install brings Bing Bar in both Internet Explorer and Firefox browser (provided you have both installed on computer).

Download Bing Bar to bring some Bing glitz, features and usefulness to your Firefox or Internet Explorer web browser.



  1. my os is win 7 64bit, the ie 8 browser comes with bing toolbar, i liked the appearnce because the toolbar can be customized with different colors and there’s a cool little animations as well(similiar to the tolbar that can be seen above) but one time i openned the browser, it’s gone, how can i bring that back? I downloaded the bing toolbar version 7, but it’s completely different from that and i don’t like the appearance, can somebody suggest me on what to do?

  2. cool

  3. cool

  4. Download Bing Bar, the new Bing Toolbar for IE 8 V8,0,7600,16385 in my state/ar

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