Download & save webpages offline in Chrome

Do you want to download website and save its webpages on the computer? Often, webpages break when you try to save them for offline reading. In the Google Chrome, you can save webpages in exact original formatting for reading them later without the internet connection. This is possible

Extract link, script, image URLs on websites in IE

Images, CSS files, scripts, clickable hyperlinks are basic elements of a webpage. Manually checking individual URLs of such elements is a tough routine. Using "URL String Grabber" portable free utility you can easily extract and view URL details of images, CSS files, scripts, RSS feed, swf

Take full webpage screenshot image online

Do you want to capture and save full webpage screenshot as an image? You can easily do this online in few simple mouse clicks without need to install any software. Using free online tools, you can grab screenshot image of any website webpage URL of your choice and save it as PNG or JPEG

How to zoom & scroll webpages in Safari on iPad

Safari browser is default app to surf webpages on the iPad. Big screen of iPad offer easy and neat web surfing. You can switch to portrait or landscape surfing mode by rotating the iPad. You can scroll and zoom webpage easily on ipad with easy drag and tap on iPad respectively. Zoom In

View webpage source code in Chrome in single click

An average internet user will never bother to view source code of webpage being surfed. However, if you are a coder or curious surfer you may want to checkout source code of webpages. Ideally, you can right click on a webpage and click 'view page source' option to open source code window.

Preview websites without clicking & opening weblink

Ideally, we click through weblinks to open and view website contents. While browsing internet, most of us are interested in quick preview of webpages and finally get to the webpage with required information. Also, during such webpage browsing we may stumbled into Not Safe for Work (NSFW)

Zoom In, Out webpages in Firefox & Internet Explorer

Small size of contents on a webpage can be real pain while trying to read. Formatting of original webpage content size cannot be controlled by the user. One easy way to resolve this is by enlarging size of webpage and viewing contents at comfortable size in Internet Explorer or Firefox

Save HTML page URL as PDF [3 online tools]

Do you want to save a website HTML page as PDF file? You can do this quickly online while surfing the internet without having to install any software on the computer. There are number of online tools that allow one click conversion of HTML page into PDF document file in the original format

See ‘above the fold’ (without scrolling) browsing area of website

"Above the fold" is a common term used to explain position of elements like image, advertisement etc on websites. It is the visible browsing area of a website that can be seen by users without having to scroll webpage. Google Labs online tool "Browser Size" allows you to see similar

Create quick webpage online:

Everyone does not have time to learn HTML for creating webpage but majority of us do crave to create online webpages with custom content. Online tool "" makes this all easy. If you are not too concerned about look of a webpage and only want to publish webpage with specific

Reload & Refresh webpage automatically in Firefox

If you are following a forum page, you need to manually press the refresh button to view latest changes on that webpage. Same is true to check new emails in inbox - are you tired of this routine? Well, you can make any webpage refresh automatically after specific period of time in Firefox

Save full page screenshot of website as JPG image or PDF file

Manual use of Print Scrn button only captures visible area of the screen. If you want to capture full page screenshot of any webpage / website, then check free application Accolio IE snapshot. This application allows you to capture full page screenshot of any URL and save as desired image