Highlight selected text on webpages with right click

Ever wanted to highlight specific text on a webpage and see the highlight text when you again visit the same webpage? This is possible with light weight Firefox addon "Highlights", it allows you to highlight selected text on any webpage and save respective selection. When you again visit

Disable mouse right click on webpage using Javascript

You must have come across websites where mouse right click function does not work. Do you want to add similar functionality to your webpage? It is very easy to implement using simple javascript file in your webpage. "No Right click on ASP.net page" page provide you the javascript to

Clean HTML errors with HTML Validator Firefox plugin

We have already seen standalone HTML validator application to check for errors in HTML files. If love browsing and do it all in Firefox then you can use HTML Validator Firefox plugin. It shows number of errors and warning as an icon at the bottom right part of the Firefox window. You can

Track changes in company Terms of Service (TOS) page

Terms of Service TOS page is an important component of any website of a company. Average users tend to ignore TOS page and only refer to it when in some company policy or usage trouble. Usually, TOS service page are long and very boring to read. Tracking any change in contents of a huge

Validate & check HTML file errors with free Validator

HTML files can contain lot of tags in order to generate properly formatted text. Due to syntax complexity one can commit lot of mistakes while writing an HTML file resulting in error laden HTML webpage. You can easily check for syntax and other errors in HTML files and validate them

Zoom Text on a webpage to adjust with your eyes

Few webmasters will dare visitors in making them read very small text on their webpages. Constantly changing text zoom back and forth as you visit different sites can be real painful at times. We have already seen cool alternative 'Easy Read' for IE users to change text size in IE when

How to increase font size in IE when ‘Text Size’ Fails?

Every webpage has different formatting in terms of fonts, colors and much more. Viewing a HTML page with small font size can really hurt your eyes. IE does have 'Text Size' feature to increase font size on any webpage. On top menu of IE, go to 'View', point to 'Text Size' and select