6 ways to Zoom webpages in Google Chrome

Do you want to expand and zoom webpages in Google Chrome browser for finer view? There are number of ways to zoom in or out webpages in Chrome browser. You can expand all or specific elements on a webpage including text and images. Besides the mouse wheel or keyboard shortcut to zoom, you

Zoom Facebook photos without clicking full album pages

We tend to share lot of photos on Facebook. No wonder, Facebook has more uploaded photos than popular image hosting websites. Ideally, within photo album we click on each thumbnail photo to zoom and see larger version of that photo. Are you tired of all that clicking to view bigger version

How to zoom & scroll webpages in Safari on iPad

Safari browser is default app to surf webpages on the iPad. Big screen of iPad offer easy and neat web surfing. You can switch to portrait or landscape surfing mode by rotating the iPad. You can scroll and zoom webpage easily on ipad with easy drag and tap on iPad respectively. Zoom In

Drag to zoom specific locations on Google Maps

Google Maps is a cool online way of exploring different places and regions around the world. Zoom is most important routine while using Google Maps. It can be tiring to zoom Google Maps using default slider or click to zoom action. You make this easy while zooming to specific locations on

How to Zoom screen on Windows 7 with Magnifier

Do you want to zoom in and magnify specific part of the screen? This can be easily done on Windows 7 computer using in-built "Magnifier" tool. After launching this tool you can magnify to any portion of the computer screen and view finer details of any opened application, file or

Zoom In, Out webpages in Firefox & Internet Explorer

Small size of contents on a webpage can be real pain while trying to read. Formatting of original webpage content size cannot be controlled by the user. One easy way to resolve this is by enlarging size of webpage and viewing contents at comfortable size in Internet Explorer or Firefox

Portable Windows Screen Zoom & Annotation tool

Are you looking for easy to use zoom & annotation tool for use during a presentation? ZoomIt is a handy and portable tool that allows smooth screen zoom. You can move mouse in zoom state to focus on specific part of the screen. Then click and draw arrows or other freehand figures to

Full screen Zoom in Windows like Mac OSX

Do you want to zoom screen contents on Windows based computer? QZoom is an easy to use screen zoom and operation tool like the one in Mac OS X. It allows you to zoom in and out display screen to see finer details. It zooms every elements on the screen, even a Youtube video playing on the

Zoom & draw on desktop during presentation demo

It is very important to highlight important aspects during a presentation or demonstration while using Windows powered computer. Zooming in on important areas and drawing arrows to capture audience attention can result in effective and quick communication. Demo helper is small utility that

Zoom Text on a webpage to adjust with your eyes

Few webmasters will dare visitors in making them read very small text on their webpages. Constantly changing text zoom back and forth as you visit different sites can be real painful at times. We have already seen cool alternative 'Easy Read' for IE users to change text size in IE when

How to increase font size in IE when ‘Text Size’ Fails?

Every webpage has different formatting in terms of fonts, colors and much more. Viewing a HTML page with small font size can really hurt your eyes. IE does have 'Text Size' feature to increase font size on any webpage. On top menu of IE, go to 'View', point to 'Text Size' and select