Tweak & Pimp Windows with Damn cool Pitaschio


Windows is very good, you can make it better with free tweak master ‘Pitaschio’. Do you want to disable and silent that annoying caps lock key? Want to make boring Window icons look small for a cleaner desktop?

Here is more… want to do more with your mouse and be in full control of Windows? Try out Pitaschio, which makes it convenient to use Microsoft Windows. Starting off with mouse adventures that allows you to double-clicking whitespace in an Explorer window and go to the parent folder.

Besides this, mouse can be configured to control features like switching off the monitor, restarting the computer, running a screensaver, moving to the center, and many more.

You can minize any window to system tray instead of taskbar. You can disable maximize, minimize and close buttons of the title bar. Even adjust transparency of windows by rotating mouse wheel.

Download Pitaschio and test drive loads of features to tweak and pimp Windows on your computer. It is supported on Windows 2000 / XP / Vista.


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