How to remove Start Button from taskbar in Win XP?


Windows Vista has a jazzy small round start button but in Windows XP start button is big, rectangular and messy (at times). Ever wanted to get rid of the start button from the taskbar for that extra free space?

Start Killer is a tiny free utility that removes start button from your taskbar. When you run ‘start killer’ it sits on system tray and start button is removed. Though the Start Button is removed, you can still open Start Menu using CTRL+ESC or WIN key.

Just close ‘start killer” application from the system tray and good old space hogging start button will be back in its position. You can right click on start killer icon in system tray access other settings like auto run at Windows startup etc.

Download Start Killer to free up some space on taskbar. It works fine on Windows 9x, Me, 2000, NT4, XP and XP64. Not meant for Windows Vista – you don’t want to remove that cute round Vista start icon! via



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