Allow users to post on your Tumblr blog by email / web

Tumblr has introduced new feature "Submissions" that can make any Tumblr blog into a buzzing community. This feature allows any user to post on their favorite Tumblr blog using web based form or by sending email. To get started, you need to enable option "enable audience submissions" under

Problem with Vista? Check at Microsoft Vista Answers

Unlike other Window based operating systems, Windows Vista got its share of bigger problems. Be it Vista Speed Record of 131yrs to Copy 168MB Pics or Microsoft's efforts to provide support for installing Vista SP1. Here is another Microsoft's endeavour to help

Backup your Orkut Community with BackupMate

Do you run a popular community on Orkut? If yes, make sure you backup your community to prevent any deletion by a hacker or an Orkut member. OrkutPlus has launched a web based tool 'Community BackupMate' that allows you to backup Orkut community topics with few simple clicks. Once you

Google Moderate, a buzzbin for your itchy Questions

"... Does Google hire off-site programmers to do programming for them? - Why can't I attach an image straight from the internet in Gmail without downloading it first?" Do you have a similar or very radical questions for people at Google? Well, Google Moderate can help your voice heard.

Shake your Face, Click A Pic & Share at Joggels

Want to shake the world with your head shaking photos? Well, head over to Joggels- a community of photo sharing of joggeled images. You can click your Joggeled photo and upload at Joggels. Besides you can relish funny and interesting Joggeled up images