Google Moderate, a buzzbin for your itchy Questions


“… Does Google hire off-site programmers to do programming for them? – Why can’t I attach an image straight from the internet in Gmail without downloading it first?”

Do you have a similar or very radical questions for people at Google? Well, Google Moderate can help your voice heard. Currently in “Ask a Google engineer” series 1,136 people have submitted 282 questions and cast 10,633 votes.

There are number of other featured series at Google Moderate like: Ask a World leader, US Elections, suggest an Andriod application. You can create even your own series like company’s discussions or meetings.

From above, you have already got an idea – its about questions and more questions. It is a small application initially created for submitting and voting on the questions for Google’s tech talks.

As pointed by Taliver“… Several of our colleagues and visitors to Google have asked if we could make it available externally for any kind of talk, presentation and/or event.” Well, this is now reality with Google Moderate available as public tool on Google Apps engine.

Checkout Google Moderate and submit your questions to existing featured series. You may want to create your own series and inspire other users to contribute questions and votes.

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