Create Poll questions on Facebook


Facebook is a great way to communicate with online friends. You can share information, photos, videos among Facebook buddies. You can also use Facebook Questions feature to ask specific question and get answers from Facebook friends. You can extend Facebook Questions further and create Poll (Polling question) for getting closed ended feedback from set of answer options of your question.

Create & ask Poll questions on Facebook

1. After Facebook login, look for Question option next to share at top of the page.

2. Click Question option and type your question in Ask Something text box.

3. Then click Add Poll Options button to view text boxes to add Poll options.

4. Type answer (poll) options for your question in Add an Option text boxe(s). You can add as many options for your question but it recommended to keep it less than 10 options.

5. Then click to uncheck (no tick) next to Allow anyone to add options to prevent users for adding more options to your question. You may keep this option checked to allow users to add more options to your poll question.

6. Then click Ask Question button to post this Poll Question in your Facebook timeline. Your Facebook friends will able see this polling question and respond by selecting either of provided answer options.



  1. People can select more than one choice. How to make it only one-option selectable question???

  2. Yes, I am having the same problem. How do I add more than 10 answers?

  3. jamie burnett says

    Are you sure this information is correct? I am in the uk and have just tried the poll feature.

    You say “You can add as many options for your question but it recommended to keep it less than 10 options.” but I am strictly limited to 10 answers. No more unless the poll is open. I am trying to get 30 answers in those fields with no option for additional answers to be added. Could you please confirm to see that this is possible and mail me?

    Many thanks,


    • Add the first add 10 option , Then check the box ” Allow anyone to add options” to allow users for adding more options to your ask the question.
      now click on the question again to see the options and the end of options you can add as many option as you like now!

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