Disable Facebook Questions email notification

Besides posting on wall, uploading photos and videos - you can interact further with Facebook friends by asking questions on Facebook. While Facebook Questions feature is useful for few users, other may not like it and may want to get rid of it. You can easily remove Facebook

Turn off & hide Facebook Questions

Do you want to remove or hide Facebook Questions listing from your Facebook newsfeed? By default, this is not possible, as Facebook does not provide option to disable and remove Facebook Questions content from the newsfeed. However, using browser extension(s) you can easily turn off and

Create Poll questions on Facebook

Facebook is a great way to communicate with online friends. You can share information, photos, videos among Facebook buddies. You can also use Facebook Questions feature to ask specific question and get answers from Facebook friends. You can extend Facebook Questions further and create

How to use Facebook Questions to ask & answer

Do you want an answer to a specific question? Why not use active Facebook community of friends to get quick answers to your questions? "Facebook Questions" is a new feature that allow you to ask and answer questions from your Facebook friends and other experts. Your questions will be seen