Play MineSweeper game online, single or multi-player

MineSweeper is one classic simple online game for quality timepass (hopefully). Stumbled upon really cool and easy online MineSweeper game. You can play it alone as single user or try Multi-user environment. You need to login to play Multi-user version. Login allows you to enter rooms

Value of Pi upto 2000 digits ? Yeah, here we go…

We generally interpret Pi as (equal to 3.14159). There is one place on the web that has value of pi listed upto 2000 digits. Yeah, one big figure you might find interesting and useful. For starters, Pi is one of the most important mathematical constants, approximately equal to 3.14159.

Gtwit, a web based Twitter Client – No install required

There are number of Twitter clients that you can install on your computer and get going with Twittering. Gtwit is a dynamic web based Twitter client that do not require any software download and installation. Hosted on Google's cloud infrastructure, it allows you to perform basic

Google Moderate, a buzzbin for your itchy Questions

"... Does Google hire off-site programmers to do programming for them? - Why can't I attach an image straight from the internet in Gmail without downloading it first?" Do you have a similar or very radical questions for people at Google? Well, Google Moderate can help your voice heard.