Shake your Face, Click A Pic & Share at Joggels


Want to shake the world with your head shaking photos? Well, head over to Joggels– a community of photo sharing of joggeled images.

You can click your Joggeled photo and upload at Joggels. Besides you can relish funny and interesting Joggeled up images of other users. There is TOP 20, Hall of fame, gallery and much more to be explored.

A camera is all you need. Just hold the camera lens up to your face and shake your head as fast as you can – don’t forget to relax all face muscles. Press the button and your new Joggel is ready.

Now you know Joggle and seen preview in above image. If you love shaking your face or want to see other shake there face, checkout Joggles.



  1. Pic are very important in over feauter we become History.Naeem ullah.

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