Vista Speed Record 2007, 131yrs to Copy 168MB Pics


Windows Vista is slow in copying files, well this is not new. But how about Vista taking over 131 years to Copy 168MB of Images to make a CD? This should be NEW! Windows Vista is making new records in getting slower and slower. Check the picture below.

While system was stuck, copying job was cancelled. Same was done successfully using Nero 7 in couple of minutes using CDs from same pack and on laptop that had 1.25 GB of RAM, 15 GB of free hard disk space and runs on a Centrino Pentium M740. Now this hurts, what is really wrong with Vista?

Here is another example of stuck Copying process in Windows Vista. Now this will take 36843 days to complete the copy process.

It was believed after install of Service Pack1 things would improve. While some says Vista has improved in speed while other say it is still slow turtle. Yeah, a turtle that will ultimately win the race of being the NEXT Operating system, as Microsoft is pushing it in every possible way to make you guys use it!!!

Now this may seem funny to look at, but if a work system start getting stuck like this – I am sure I will be pulling my hair out and will soon resemble to some of the top Bald Bloggers ;) [via– theregister]



  1. I have no problem with Vista taking 131 years to copy, if I can get overtime for checking on it periodically. If the hardware can last that long, all the more power to it.

    I think it is confident of Microsoft to project that long of an uptime without failure. They must think they are unix.

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