Post to Delicious Firefox plugin for easy bookmarks posting


Delicious is one popular social bookmarking website. Users can post their favorite links tagged under different categories for other users to discover bookmarked content easily. “Post to Delicious” is a Firefox extension that makes Delicious posting very easy and quick.


It has simple form including fields like: URL, title, description and tags for quick posting of links. It also provides a contextual menu for looking up the current page in delicious website. To get started, login into your Delicious account using option menu. Then start quick posting of links to your Delicious account using simple form provided by Post to Delicious Firefox plugin.



  1. RonPotter says

    I was just curious as to how I go about changing my password on here? Couldn’t find it when I did a quick scan, thanks.

  2. daviduxresll says

    So , how will youcelebrate this particular Easter Holiday?

  3. Just wanted to say hi to everybody here. This is my 1st message here.

    It really looks like the mods of this forum sure are doing a awesome job.

    I anticipate to find alot of stuff here & help others as much as I can.

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