Did someone STOP following you on Twitter? Findout !


Who you Follow that does NOT Follow you – after you have checked this interesting info, here is another cool web service that dishes out more interesting Twitter users info.

Qwitter is all about catching Twitter quitters. In simple words, it informs you when someone stops following you on Twitter. It sends you an email, for example:

“… John Gruber (gruber) stopped following you on Twitter after you posted this tweet: What’s the difference between Arial and Helvetica”.

Head over to Qwitter, enter your Twitter username and email address. From now on, Qwitter will send you reminder if someone dare to STOP following you on Twitter.



  1. Got one email, and that was it. Service is not working and I can’t find an alternative.

  2. Still doesn’t work at all !

  3. Have never ever got an email from them, don’t think it works

  4. Have never ever got an email from them, don’t think it works

  5. I’ve tried it for about 2 months and the service does not work. I never, ever get a message that someone has stopped following. It worked at the beginning for 2 followers and then stopped working after that. (And never worked again).

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