Install Windows Live Essential 2011 without internet

Windows Live Essential 2011 is a collection of free software programs from Microsoft. It includes tools like Live Messenger, Photogallery, Movie Maker, Windows Live Mesh, Windows Live Writer, Bing Bar, Microsoft Silverlight and more. Ideally, you can easily download and install Windows

Change display name in Windows Live Messenger 2011

Do you want to change display name that appears to your contacts in Windows Live Messenger 2011 program? Newer version of Live Messenger show name as set in Windows Live profile. You can easily edit complete name displayed in Live Messenger from within the mesenger application. New

Change Windows Live Essentials 2011 language

Windows Live Essentials 2011 suite now support multiple language user interface (MUI). You can easily switch and change language of Windows Live Essentials 2011 including Windows Live Messenger. You can change language user interface to different language from language selection

Browse SkyDrive files from Windows Explorer

Microsoft SkyDrive is a free service for online storage of files and data. It provides 25GB free storage space and you can browse stored files within web browser through official skydrive website. Now you can do that same through default Windows Explorer interface by installing SkyDrive

Download New Windows Live Movie Maker 14 for Windows 7 & Vista

Previously, Movie Maker application to create, edit cool movies from photos and videos has been part of Windows. This is missing from upcoming Windows 7 operating system and interested users can download all new version of Windows Live Movie Maker separately. New version has been released

Search Windows mobile phone matching your style

With so many models and brands of mobile phones, making a selection of phone can be a tough ask. Whats MyPhone Style makes it easy to select Windows Mobile phone matching your style. It allows you to participate in fun quiz, just answer few questions quickly by selecting option that

Windows Live Writer Plugins for Digg, Flickr & Twitter

Windows Live Writer is a free software to blog and interface with different blogging platforms like Wordpress, Blogger etc. New plugins have been released to make blogging more easy with Windows Live Writer. There is plugin each for interacting with Twitter, Digg and Flickr.

25GB Free Storage & New features from Live SkyDrive

Long back in Feb 2008 we reported Windows Live SkyDrive with free 5GB online storage. Well, that figure just got bigger by many times and now Windows Live SkyDrive offer 25GB of free online storage. This is good enough to dump all your photos for sharing with online friends (and for

Direct Youtube upload from Live MovieMaker & Gallery

LiveUpload is new plugin that makes the process of uploading videos to Youtube very easy. Using this plugin you can directly upload video to Youtube from Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta and Windows Live MovieMaker Beta. After you install the plugin a new menu link

LIVE upload photos to Facebook from Live PhotoGallery

'LiveUpload' plugin makes process of uploading photos to Facebook from Windows Live Photo Gallery easy and simple. The plug-in takes advantage of the new people tagging feature in Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta to persist your people tags onto Facebook.

Halloween Live Messenger Theme Pack, Download it !

After 'I am PC' Windows Live Messenger theme, here is Halloween Live Messenger theme. Get Spooky treat and trick for your Live Messenger. Sticking to Halloween spirit, this should add some spooky

Download ‘I am PC’ Messenger Theme, only with IE ?

Microsoft has been running 'I am PC' campaign for a while now. To give more prep and visibility, here is exclusive 'I am PC' Live Messenger Theme. You can download and use this theme for free