Change display name in Windows Live Messenger 2011


Do you want to change display name that appears to your contacts in Windows Live Messenger 2011 program? Newer version of Live Messenger show name as set in Windows Live profile. You can easily edit complete name displayed in Live Messenger from within the mesenger application. New settings allows you to change display name stored in Live profile from Windows Live Messenger program.

Edit Live Messenger 2011 display name

1. Open Windows Live Messenger 2011 and login into your account.

2. Click on profile name at top right part of the screen.

3. Then click on ‘Edit your name’ option in the drop down menu.

4. A new window will open allowing you to edit name stored in your Windows Live profile. On the same screen you can edit privacy settings of who can see your name on Windows.



  1. Wow, awesome post, I was wondering the same thing. and found your site by bing, many userful stuff here, now i’m a bit clear. bookmarked and also signed up your rss. keep us updated.

  2. i have a problem to change the name
    because u cant push the “edit name” how can i change it

  3. Imo, this version is great considering number of features like:

    but very much irritating indeed due to the lack of display-name functionality and offline-contacts-getting-online issues! :(

  4. Don’t bother trying to revert to the previous version, it’s not easy because this stupid new version is installed as part of Windows Live products and the installer downloads files form Microsoft where they disregard the old version even if half the glob wants it. I’m currently downloading Trillian. Hell with msn messenger.

  5. I love Windows 7 very much,

    But this Live Messenger 2011 is trully HORRIBLE.

  6. I HATE this new version! I can’t change my display name, I can’t appear offline and chat with someone, and whenever I try to msg someone in Yahoo it says my message wasn’t delivered…but when i finally make contact with the person they say they were getting those same messages that msngr claims weren’t delivered! Windows needs to fix this mess ASAP!

  7. Notsatisfied says

    This version is a real dissapointment…

    Maybe we don’t WANT the entire world to know our real name! There’s already FACEBOOK that makes us use our real names, and even then, some snakes manage to slither their way around it. I can’t find any links for the previous version! This is major suckage!

  8. I agree with those who are dissatisfied with the latest Messenger. All I want to do is simply change my display name in the same way I could do it before. I don’t even see where I can change my font color and type. Does anyone have a link to download the previous version and put it back on your computer?

  9. dan, i have that same problem. for some reason it changed my name to my friends name when i added him on it, and now it wont let me change it.

    this is the DUMBEST version they have released.
    i think the only good part would have to be fb chat being embedded in it.

  10. I have been using msn for years. I have never seen it become any more stupid than their 2011 version. It keeps getting worse every year. I wonder if they’ll make it even gayer next year? Or worse, if we’ll even be allowed to chat anymore!

  11. What a F@@@ S!!!! C%%%% says

    What is this !!!!!
    Windows 7 is a Sheet, windows gooooo, fade, boing and bumps.
    I Prefer my small and totaly nice Ubuntu !

    Windows Media Player is a Sheet. It do EVERY THING besides PLAY MUSIC !!!
    And the Oscar for play music goes toooooooo VLC !!! (and it can do some nice trick to, like stream music [freeee])

    Office 2011 is a BIG Sheet, HOW TO HEEL I CAN SEE THE HOT KEYS ????
    I went back to Open Oficce. Nice, simples, clean, fast and HOT KEY !

    And now this MSN???? I used to use msn7, and I love it.
    But I tri to add a friend. Take-me 5 minutes.
    I try to change my name, Cant change.
    I try to remove the stuped botton add. I cant.
    I whant to remove that BIG BOX WITH SOME TO SHARE, cose I JUST NEED TO TALK ON MSN !!! AND I HAVE + tha 300 people, and I just want to see more people !
    And I dont want to run in my win 7 as Vista, just it Dont go to Try Icon !
    I Hate all gruped as a small icon.

    But now, I using GTALK. And make some free cals to my mother . And I use jabber to connect to msn, skype and others IM.

    Microsoft is gone man…

    • If you prefer Ubuntu why don’t you use it and VLC doesn’t win the oscar for music players its a video player the best video player it may play music but thats not what its for there are hundreds of better options for music especially for a linux guru like you

      such a linux guru your using windows 7

  12. hey guys can someone give me a link to the 9.0 messenger? this one sucks!

  13. This is one of the stupidest and dumbest update ever made by Windows Live. OMG this sucks and i hope everyone feels the same way as I do. the creativeness is lacking and the fun is removed. Who the hell come up with these ideas anyway. Some prick behind a desk that has no friends or something. Daaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmm this update sucks!!!!!!!!!

  14. GG Microsoft. Some of us want to use a nickname on your stupid program, and now we can’t even do that? Well played. Uninstalling and not reusing.

  15. This Version Of Windows Live Messenger SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope It Will Change Back To Our Fimiliar One at 2012 Or NOW!

  16. I hate it. I like to change my display name to different things and now i have to fill in a first and last name space to do it. This update sucks.

  17. god, i hate this version. whenever i uninstall it and install an older version of messenger, this one automatically reinstalls. sigh..

  18. clicked it a thousand times and nothing opened, it won’t let me change the name and that’s it. Dumb version, MS. Nice job.

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