25GB Free Storage & New features from Live SkyDrive


Long back in Feb 2008 we reported Windows Live SkyDrive with free 5GB online storage. Well, that figure just got bigger by many times and now Windows Live SkyDrive offer 25GB of free online storage.

This is good enough to dump all your photos for sharing with online friends (and for backup). Besides the bump in amount of free storage, new features have been added for better ‘Windows Live SkyDrive’ experience.

Now you can download photos directly to your Windows Live Photo Gallery. There is more, download an entire folder in one compressed ZIP file (this feature currently available in United States, Denmark, and Ireland). You can easily move and copy files between multiple folders.

As pointed by official Skydrive blog, it has added support for bigger thumbnails, tags and cool looking online slide shows. Even order print of photos right from SkyDrive. So, its 25GB of free storage with loads of tools to play around with your stuff – interested?


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