25GB Free Storage & New features from Live SkyDrive

Long back in Feb 2008 we reported Windows Live SkyDrive with free 5GB online storage. Well, that figure just got bigger by many times and now Windows Live SkyDrive offer 25GB of free online storage. This is good enough to dump all your photos for sharing with online friends (and for

Direct Youtube upload from Live MovieMaker & Gallery

LiveUpload is new plugin that makes the process of uploading videos to Youtube very easy. Using this plugin you can directly upload video to Youtube from Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta and Windows Live MovieMaker Beta. After you install the plugin a new menu link

LIVE upload photos to Facebook from Live PhotoGallery

'LiveUpload' plugin makes process of uploading photos to Facebook from Windows Live Photo Gallery easy and simple. The plug-in takes advantage of the new people tagging feature in Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta to persist your people tags onto Facebook.