Where to Host or Upload Favicons? 5 Free Options are…


Favicons is a small icon shown next to URL in the address bar of web browser. It has .ico file extension for example myfavicon.ico

Traditionally, we use Googlepages as the easy option to upload favicons and then link them on our website. With Googlepages closed to new signups, what are other options to host and upload favicons?

Most of popular image hosting services do not support favicons upload, including ImageShack, XS.to, TinyPic and many more. Here are few selected free favicon hosting services that can come handy in hosting your customized favicons.

  • Oogletoogle – Max File Size 2MB or 2048kb
  • SholImages – Max File Size 2MB or 2048kb
  • PicPanda – Max File Size 1.5MB or 1536kb
  • ImageBoo – Max File Size 2MB or 2048kb
  • CDMazika – Max File Size 2MB or 2048kb

Above options definitely work fine for hosting favicons. There were many other hosting services caliming free ico file hosting but actual uploading failed. Do you know any other reliable hosting for favicons / ico files?



  1. Thanks. your advice actually worked for me. I used iconj.com Quite simple. Very easy to apply :)

  2. PicPanda FTW. its just the best :)

  3. Hey!
    PICPANDA and ICONJ works fine!!
    The others sites sux a lot…

  4. Good work man. It is very useful to me.

  5. Yup! iconj.com was nice; it worked well.

    Thanks a lot, guys!

  6. after quite some hours trying to sort this out and not succeeding, just tried iconj.com and IT WORKED!!! not at first though, i had to make another ico. file cause for some reason the first one wasnt working! thanks so much!!!!

  7. Nice info


  8. I tried imageboo, and it overloaded my PC with a tonne of porn.

    Don’t use it.

  9. I use iconj iconj.com it’s very simple.

  10. Most of them are down :(

  11. Imageboo is porn site but we can upload files very easily

  12. Imageboo sucks! I went there only to see a porn pop-up. Please take that site off your list!!!

  13. they all suck i would rather use the new google sites to host my favicon by creating a file cabinet and uploading it there at least they would be the last company to go bust if you was to lose your files

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    thanks for the info

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  15. Imageboo sucks! I went to the site and got a porn pop-up and some sort of ad window that screwed up my other open windows. Until this is remedied, take them off your list!

  16. thx man

  17. thanks for it

  18. Imageboo is good

  19. thanks for the great info

  20. Thank you so much for posting this info.

  21. I always use CDMazika :)

  22. wow, thanks…

  23. I just thought I would let you know http://www.PicPanda.com has a max file size of 5MB for guests and 10MB for members.

  24. thank you for the information,i really needed to save my online pic.

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