New Google Favicon get full color splash


Google products and services always had simple looks as compared to Microsoft and Yahoo. Google went for a favicon makeover and few users did not like it. Special tricks were sort to revert to old favicon. Google has surprised all with another (very radical) favicon makeover.

Google Blog explains the new favicon rollout: “… Back in June, we rolled out a new favicon — the small icon that greets you when you access Google on your URL bar or your bookmarks list — and we encouraged our users to submit their ideas for this important piece of Google branding. We were impressed by the volume of submissions we received, and today we are happy to introduce a new Google favicon inspired by those submissions by our users. ”

New favicon sports loads of colors (probably all colors of Google logo) with letter ‘g’ in small caps. Goto and see the new colorful favicon in action. It for sure is attractive with color splash and catch instant attention unlike previous favicon. Did this go down well with you? [How to make Favicon?]



  1. Hey guys, already hosts the brand new google favicon!

  2. I like the old Favicon. The new favicon make us searching the word “g”

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