Is my website / blog indexed by google?


While there is manual way to check and Google around if a specific website or blog in indexed by Google or not, here is more simpler way by using – Just type your blog or website URL and hit the GO button. You will get the answer as YES or NO.


It also shows the time and date information of last indexed information with Google. You can also click through indexed page URL to see what Google cache holds for your website. Besides, you can check for blog  URL with and without www and even single page posts for indexed status.  Bookmarklet is also available for quick check of any URL. Get the answer for, Is my website indexed by Google – very neat!



  1. Thanks for providing this useful link. I always wondered how do I get to know this.

    All my sites are indexed.

    Thanks again.


  2. I feel a lot better knowing that my site has been indexed by Google. Thanks

  3. Hi,

    Its crap guys no matter whatever url you type it says YES ….. check it yourself


  4. Thanks for providing us a link with a direct answer. It’s always nice to have a good idea and reminder that your site is in fact indexed while you’re doing the Google Dance and waiting to come back into the SERPS.

  5. great article, I hope there were more like this to help

  6. thank you for your info, very helpful

  7. great tip thanks very much

  8. tq for sharing :)

  9. The tool is very helpful and I think you can achieve the desired results.

  10. This tool is awesome, thanks so much for sharing!!

  11. What a handy tool… thank you for sharing it!

  12. Thanks for the tool. I just found some of my sites are not indexed

  13. Very informative article. Thank you.

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