Hot queries & Latest posts show on Google Blog Search

Google Blog Search has been boring has compared to other blog posts showcase services. Google has not given up on Blog Search yet. While the main blog search content remain same, it has added two new features "hot queries" and "latest posts", to throw some interesting content "in your

Is my website / blog indexed by google?

While there is manual way to check and Google around if a specific website or blog in indexed by Google or not, here is more simpler way by using - Just type your blog or website URL and hit the GO button. You will get the answer as YES or NO. It also shows the

Now Import and Export large Blogger Blogs

Long back in June Blogger introduced Blogger import / export feature along with loads of other new Blogger features. Import - export feature just got better and now support very large blogger blogs. Based on feedback lot of improvement has been done to this feature. Now, blogger want