Hide & remove Favicons in Chrome & Firefox tabs

Favicons are small icon images that are displayed next to each website name on the tab of web browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox. While favicons provide colorful and unique way to identify specific websites - they also result in cluttered look. If you prefer simple and neat browsing

How to add or Change Favicon in Blogger Blog?

Favicon is a small icon shown next to site URL in the address bar. In Blogger, by default orange colored blogger icon is shown as favicon. You can make your blog stand out by using your own customized icon. Before you implement the code, you can grab or make your own favicons: Make

How to show Favicons for RSS feeds in Google Reader

Google Reader is an awesome online service to read RSS feed content. Now you can spice up the RSS feed display by showing favicons for respective subscribed RSS feeds. With Favicon display it is more easy to identify specific RSS feed (specially, if you happen to overaload Google Reader

Create Favicon in Photoshop [save as ICO]

For starters, Favicon is a small icon displayed next to website URL address in the browser. It gives unique character to a website or blog. Adobe Photoshop is best image editing software. How about creating cool Favicons in Photoshop program? Following tutorial should help achieve same in

Create Favicon ICO online generator

Favicon adds unique identity to any website or blog. While there are so many software tools to create favicons, how about doing same online without having to install anything? Favicon Generator Tool at Dagon Designis an easy to use online tool to generate favicons. It can convert any

Download new Firefox 3.5 logo, favicon, PSD, OSX icon

New version of Firefox (3.5) should be available in coming week along with new Firefox logo. Overall look of the logo is similar to previous Firefox logo, however some detailing has been modfied to give it fresh look. New logo has its share of critics and fans. Here is glimpse of all new

How to check if website or blog has favicon ?

Favicon is a small icon displayed next to website URL on the address bar. A unique favicon can catch instant user attention and long-term familiarity with a specific website or blog. If you are not sure regarding,  if website or blog has a favicon - here is a quick check web service,

Gmail Favicon color alerts of new messages

Gmail Favicon alerts allows you to check status of your Gmail inbox with one glance at Gmail favicon. Different color of Gmail favicon represents distinct status of Gmail inbox. For example, blue color favicon with digit indicate unread messages with digit representing number of unread

Grab & Copy favicon of any website with GetFavicon

We have seen ways to create favicon or access huge online collection of favicons. Here is another way to get favicon and that also of your favorite website or blog. GetFavicon web service allows you to grab and copy favicon of any website. Just enter the website URL and click on

New Google Favicon get full color splash

Google products and services always had simple looks as compared to Microsoft and Yahoo. Google went for a favicon makeover and few users did not like it. Special tricks were sort to revert to old favicon. Google has surprised all with another (very radical) favicon makeover. Google

Create, Extract & Edit icons with IcoFx – Freeware

Looking for an icon editor with a ZERO price tag and with loads of features? IconFx is a worthy option for your icon needs with over 40 different effects to play with. You can extract icons from files including Windows Files. It supports conversion of any image into an icon and icon

Where to Host or Upload Favicons? 5 Free Options are…

Favicons is a small icon shown next to URL in the address bar of web browser. It has .ico file extension for example myfavicon.ico Traditionally, we use Googlepages as the easy option to upload favicons and then link them on our website. With Googlepages closed to new signups, what are