Huge Favicons Collection created by Firefox Browsing

Your browser is caching and sending every favicon of website you visit on daily basis! Project 16X16 aims to create huge repository of favicons with the help of this concept and a FireFox addon. Currently, it has huge collection of favicons created automatically with the help of people

Google get new Favicon, want to restore old favicon?

"...Favicon is a short name for ‘favorite icon’. These are small icons that can be associated with a particular website or a webpage. It is shown next to URL in the address bar of a browser. These are very small icon with sizes like 16—16, 32—32, 48—48, 64—64,

Quickly Create as many Emoticon, Avatar from your favorite Images

Sherv's 'Icon Maker' is a quick tool to create as many Emoticons, avatar or display picture from your favorite images. No need to download avatars and emoticon from other websites. You can create them yourself in less than a minute. With this cool web app, you can create multiple