Google get new Favicon, want to restore old favicon?


“…Favicon is a short name for ‘favorite icon’. These are small icons that can be associated with a particular website or a webpage. It is shown next to URL in the address bar of a browser. These are very small icon with sizes like 16—16, 32—32, 48—48, 64—64, 128—128.”

Google got a favicon makeover from big cap ‘G’ to small ‘g’ as shown in the picture. Now, you will see small ‘g’ as favicon while accessing Google. In case you liked the old favicon and want to revert to it, read on for the simple procedure.

You will need FireFox or Safari browser for this Greasemonkey script to work. Ross discovered this cool Greasemonkey script to restore old favicon in Google. Enjoy the new Favicon or keep enjoying the old favicon with above procedure, simple! How to create a favicon?


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