Best free Online data backup service websites

Data backup is very important routine as there is always a possibility of hard drive crash. There are number of tools for Windows users to backup data on media devices like DVD, pen drive, external hard drive. However, with more connected world - backing up data on the internet is more

Upload large (250MB) files Free to Google Docs

More internet users are sharing bigger videos, documents and large size HQ images. Google previously bumped up maximum Gmail attachment size to 25MB, now you can play around with large files of upto 250MB size. You can upload and share big files of any type (upto 250MB) using Google Docs

Upload files to Dropbox online account by email

For starters: just like Rapidshare, Dropbox(.com) is an online service to store your files and data. It comes with free account of 2GB and paid accounts with more storage. Now you can upload any file to your Dropbox online account by email using "MailDrop" tool. Any emails with the label

JDownloader, free tool to download files from Rapidshare, MegaUpload

Are you tired of clicking popups and hops for getting final file download link on websites like Rapidshare, MegaUpload? Simplify life while downloading files from such websites using free tool JDownloader. It is an open source, platform independent, java based tool to manage and easily

Upload files to 12 hosting services via UploadMirrors

Upload Mirrors web service can upload your files to over top 12 file hosting service in a single click. Just browse file for the upload, select among 12 listed file hosting services and hit the upload button. You will get sharing links of uploaded file for each hosting

Send large email attachments from Outlook via Acrobat

Ideally, YahooMail will not process emails with attachment over 10MB while Gmail can handle email attachments upto 20MB. Also, when email attachment size is large, there is no guarantee of email being successfully delivered. Well, you can easily over come this and send emails with huge

Unlimited online file storage at LiveDrive, interested?

We have already seen few web services that offer unlimited online file storage. Recently, Windows Skydrive bumped up free storage to 25GB and here comes LiveDrive with unlimited storage. Too good to be true but that is what they are offering in the beta period. Besides the unlimited

25GB Free Storage & New features from Live SkyDrive

Long back in Feb 2008 we reported Windows Live SkyDrive with free 5GB online storage. Well, that figure just got bigger by many times and now Windows Live SkyDrive offer 25GB of free online storage. This is good enough to dump all your photos for sharing with online friends (and for

Where to Host or Upload Favicons? 5 Free Options are…

Favicons is a small icon shown next to URL in the address bar of web browser. It has .ico file extension for example myfavicon.ico Traditionally, we use Googlepages as the easy option to upload favicons and then link them on our website. With Googlepages closed to new signups, what are

Free File Hosting for only .RAR files at RarHost

There are number free file hosting web services with allows upload and download of files of various types. Here is RarHost that is specifically for RAR files upload and download. You can host unlimited .rar files online and share with friends. 150mb size limit per .rar, split archives

30GB Free Online Storage & Backup from Humyo

There are number of online storage services that debut with all the fuss and vanish after a while. Humyo is latest offering free online storage of 30GB, while Adrive offers 50GB of free storage. Out of 30GB storage space, 25GB is for media files like photos, music, videos etc, while rest

Store & Backup 50GB Data for Free using Adrive

50GB of Free storage and backup space is what this new service Adrive provides. You can upload any kind of data like music, video, photos, documents, and more. It provides ability to access any file via computer with internet connection. With huge space of 50GB for free, it surely a