Send large email attachments from Outlook via Acrobat


Ideally, YahooMail will not process emails with attachment over 10MB while Gmail can handle email attachments upto 20MB. Also, when email attachment size is large, there is no guarantee of email being successfully delivered. Well, you can easily over come this and send emails with huge attachments from Outlook 2007 powered by was launched a while back for free file sharing, file storage, PDF converter, online word processor and web conferencing. It provides 5GB of free webspace for your files and documents. Now, you can use this webspace for attachment being sent via Outlook 2007 by using plugin.


With this plugin installed, you will get new tab to login into account. So, just login and upload files from computer you want to send via email. After upload, links to those files will be embedded in the email as shown in screenshot. You can also restrict access to the document to the e-mail recipients (restricted access) or to allow the file to be accessed by other, in case your e-mail gets forwarded (open access). Download plugin [more details] and virtually send large email attachments.



  1. We need to send pdf files of 65mb

  2. An alternative I can recommend is You can send from your usual email program, including Outlook, and you don’t have to download and install anything. Yo just use your usual email program or if you prefer use their website. You can send files up to 5Gb. Also can handle your inbound large files so your inbox doesn’t get clogged. Free and paid accounts. I started out with a free one. Anyway, I’d say they are worth a look.

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