Gmail attachments get multi-select & progress bars


While attaching multiple files to a message on Gmail, one can be bit lost on how much time attachment upload process will take! Gmail has introduced multi-select and progress bars for uploading files. Now, you can select multiple files in one go, then upload and attach to any email message.

  • Hold down Ctrl key (Cmd on OS X) & click on files to upload.
  • Hold down Shift key to select a continuous list of files.


After you select files, each file will show progress bar indicating current status of file upload process. This will save some time and few clicks while attaching multiple files in Gmail. Above image should explain it all, another small but effective feature bump to Gmail!



  1. Brandon Block says

    This wonderful new feature, has now made it so that from my work computer I am unable to upload attachments with gmail, unless I remember to select older version of gmail. The bar always freezes two thirds of the way through the upload.

  2. REALLY! what is the point of posting this! you’re such a google fan

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