30GB Free Online Storage & Backup from Humyo


There are number of online storage services that debut with all the fuss and vanish after a while. Humyo is latest offering free online storage of 30GB, while Adrive offers 50GB of free storage. Out of 30GB storage space, 25GB is for media files like photos, music, videos etc, while rest 5GB is reserved for other type of files.

It allows online File Access & Editing with ability to play music, watch videos and edit documents from any computer. You can also access your files from any Internet enabled mobile phone or PDA. However, free account has few limitations.For example, Desktop Client features that allows access to your space as a drive on your PC, automatically backup your data & synchronise multiple PCs is only available for 14 Day trial.

Encrypted File Transfers and Collaboration features are only available to premium members. Free account does allow sending of files to anyone with no limit. You can also publish your files on the web and embed media shows into your web page, blog or social networking site.

However, this publishing feature also publish Humyo logo with media being published. No such branding is done for media published by premium members. Test drive Humyo file storage and backup service for free quota of (25+5) 30GB.

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  1. that’s a real good service to store our data on remote servers

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