3+ Unlimited Online File Storage Services, dump it !


There are number of services to store you documents, images, videos and other media online for FREE. While most offer limited storage space, there are few brave ones offering unlimited storage space.

Here are few web services offering unlimited file storage services to dump all your media files.

1. Inv.ioTagline of this file storage service screams – Unlimited Storage for everyone. You can Send up to 1 Gb per link for free. You also create and share picture galleries, video players.

Inactivity in account results in deletion of files between 14 to 31 days. It also offer paid accounts with extra features for accessing and tracking data. In PRO account you can send files upto 2GB in size.

2. MyBloopIt allows users to upload an unlimited number of files for free.You can share files with anyone, listen to music, create play-lists, back up files with MyBloop.

Nothing to download or install, you can use easy to use web based interface to upload tons of file. This service also promotes itself with USP of Unlimited File Storage. Stats till now: Over 1,003,331 files shared by 41,178 MyBloop users

3 Rapidshare All time favorite web service to dump as much data you want. Just browse the files and click on upload button. Share your uploaded file with a download URL.

Files are deleted after 90days of inactivity period. You can opt for premium membership for more features.

4. MediaFireUnlimited Disk Space, Up to 100MB per File, No Sign Up Required and 100% Free are basic features of MediaFire. One cool way to fire up your media files in the online world. You can link files to blogs, forums and organize them in folders, galleries etc.

Inv.io and mybloop are relatively new unlimited online file storage services. MediaFire has been around for a while maintaining its unlimited and simple file storage tag. Rapidshare has been favorite for many to download big files.

Which online file service do you use to dump all your big media files online? – Be it limited or unlimited.



  1. The unlimited part sounds nice, but how secure are these online file storage sites? Do you know anything about opendrive.com ? It could be a really good site, but what do you look for when choosing an online storage site? Anything to be particularly careful about?

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