Enable File History to backup & restore files on Windows 8

File History is a new Windows 8 feature allowing recovery in an event of system crash. File History feature is similar to System Restore but it allows you to store backup of files on external drive like USB pen drive, external hard drive and so on. This feature allows you to create backup

Download & backup Instagram photos with InstaPort

Do you love sharing photos using Instagram service on your Apple iPhone? If yes, how about backing up and saving copy of Instagram photos on your local computer hard drive? For starters: Instagram provide quick and easy way to share photo through their free iPhone application. Once you

Backup themes on Windows 7 PC

Themes provide great way to customize and freshen up look of Windows 7 user interface. There are number of Windows 7 themes with different design and style like Winter themes, holiday themes. You can easily copy and backup themes data of your current Windows 7 PC. Further, themes backup

Backup & restore Sticky Notes on Windows 7

Sticky Notes help you place reminder notes on desktop screen of Windows 7 computer. You can easily add sticky notes on Windows 7 with listing of to-do tasks. Further, you can customize text on sticky notes for different text size, text style resulting in better visibility and

Backup & restore contacts in Skype

For starters: Skype contacts refer to ID of friends added in Skype. You use these contacts to make video / voice calls and text chats with friends in Skype. You may want to backup contacts listing of your Skype for safe keeping. In an event of system or service crash, you can always

Create System Image for backup on Windows 7

Employing a system image is a magnificent way to restore exact state of Windows 7 as backup. You can create a system image whenever you add certain programs or applications to assure that everything is backed up and nothing happens ruining registry settings of the system. Creating System

Backup & restore Nokia contacts, messages & settings

All the information on Nokia photo can be washed away while updating the phone software. Hence, it is very important to take backup of contacts, messages, settings and other data before initiating any software updates. You can easily take backup using Nokia PC suite software. Ideally,

Best free Online data backup service websites

Data backup is very important routine as there is always a possibility of hard drive crash. There are number of tools for Windows users to backup data on media devices like DVD, pen drive, external hard drive. However, with more connected world - backing up data on the internet is more

Backup & restore Firefox bookmarks / favorites

When you reinstall windows or Mozilla firefox browser, browser bookmarks are also deleted. You can easily backup bookmarks (favorite links) from Firefox browser as a small backup file. Once you are done with the reinstall of Windows and / or Firefox browser - import the bookmarks backup

Download LiveJournal blog entries [backup tool]

LiveJournal is a popular web service to create free blogs and journals. If you are an active Live Journal user and want to safe keep your blog offline, then checkout LJColligo. It is a free backup tool for Live Journal blogs. It allows you to download all blog entries and comments from

Backup DNS settings & switch to Google DNS automatically

By default we use ISP (Internet Service Provider) DNS for surfing websites on the internet. Now you can alternatively switch to Google DNS service for faster and more secure internet surfing. You can manually setup Google DNS on your Windows computer and use Google DNS server instead of

Backup Tumblr blog [Mac only app]

Tumblr(.com) is a popular free microblogging service. It stands out from other such services for being different in looks with robust features like posting to Tumblr blog via email. There are number of 3rd party tools to do more with your Tumblr blog like tool to generate sitemap of Tumblr