Download Windows Live Writer backup, restore utility

Many Bloggers use Windows Live Writer to write and manage their blogposts. Windows Live Writer backup utility (WLWBackup) allows you to backup and restore posts, settings and plugins of Windows Live Writer application on the computer. Developer has re-written this utility with little

Recover product key of Windows & other software

Are you planning to reinstall Windows on your computer? If yes, make sure your recover and print product keys of Window operating system and other software installed on your computer. We have already seen WinGuggle and ProduKeyutilites to recover Windows product key. Magical Jelly is

Backup Internet Explorer favorites, password, settings

Moving from one computer to another or upgrading from one version of Internet Explorer to another - we lose all internet explorer favorites, password and other settings. This can be really annoying and backing up each component like favorites or passwords manually can involve lot of time

Backup & Merge multiple Blogger Blogs

Blogger has been testing with Blog 'import & export' feature for a while now. It was introduced in 'Blogger in draft' as beta test feature. This featured has matured after lot of bug fixing and enhancement and is LIVE is every Blogger user's dashboard. With this feature you can

Backup Yahoo, Gmail to view offline with StashMyMail

We have already seen Gmail Backup for backup and archive of Gmail account on the fly. What about Yahoo Mail, AOL and other email providers? StashMyMail is a new free web services that allows you to download and backup emails for offline viewing. It supports number of top email service

Backup & Archive Your Gmail account in a Single Click

Do you have lot of important data in your Gmail account? Why not backup contents of your Gmail account on your computer for safe keeping. You can backup and archive contents of your Gmail account in a single click procedure with free utility 'Gmail Backup'. Using Gmail's built-in IMAP

Backup Important Data Free & Easy with Snap Backup

Different type of data has varying level of importance and hence need to be backed up accordingly. Snap Backup is a free, fully functional backup utility that makes the whole process simple, easy (& Free). To get started, after download and install of the utility - you need to

Backup your Orkut Community with BackupMate

Do you run a popular community on Orkut? If yes, make sure you backup your community to prevent any deletion by a hacker or an Orkut member. OrkutPlus has launched a web based tool 'Community BackupMate' that allows you to backup Orkut community topics with few simple clicks. Once you

Download Nero 9 to Create, Rip, Burn, Backup & more

Nero has been personal favorite to burn media with outmost ease. New version of Nero is available for download and test drive. It allows you to create, rip, copy, burn, edit,

Backup Google Chrome Profile in a single click !

Just like Firefox you can customize your Google Chrome browser. Hence, there is need for a procedure to backup your profile settings. You can make this process quick & easy using small utility 'Google Chrome Backup'. This tool allows you to create, backup, restore and manage Google

Backup your Twitter Account with Tweetake

Want to take your Twitter account contents to your computer for backup and safe keeping? Tweetake offer simple web based interface to backup your twitter account on the fly. It allows you to back-up your followers, people you are following and Tweets with just one click. One handy web

30GB Free Online Storage & Backup from Humyo

There are number of online storage services that debut with all the fuss and vanish after a while. Humyo is latest offering free online storage of 30GB, while Adrive offers 50GB of free storage. Out of 30GB storage space, 25GB is for media files like photos, music, videos etc, while rest