Portable tool to backup, sync & restore data: Toucan

We have already seen best free Backup tools for Windows operating system. If you do not like to install programs and still want to backup, then checkout "Toucan" free portable tool to backup data. It is a simple to use utility to synchronise, backup and secure data to any desired location.

Backup & restore Clipboard data

By default, Windows clipboard can only store last copied data, which is available for quick paste. Do you want to recover clipboard data copied previous to last copy action? WinKlipper utility makes this all easy to backup and restore previous clipboard data. It is similar to Clips Windows

3 tools to Backup & Save Twitter account tweets

Twitter has grown into big platform to express and socialize with people around the world. With so many people using Twitter and loads of contents being posted every minute - do you feel the need to backup your Twitter account contents (just incase)? Following tools should help in easy

5 Free Windows Backup software programs

Data backup is an important routine for any computer user. It is simple yet many of us tend to ignore it. Lose of data inspires enough to start backup (and sync) procedure for future data safe keeping and recovery in case of crash. Following are few simple and free data backup software

Backup, restore & delete USB data with portable tool

USB Flash Tools is a portable program to perform basic tasks on USB drive / flash drive data. It allows you to backup current content of a USB Flash drive and restore content from existing backup file. It also allows you to securely delete existing data of USB drive without possibility of

Backup & create images of USB flash drives

Do you want to create images of USB flash drive? USB Image Tool allows you to create images of USB flash drives and MP3 players, that are mounted as USB drives. You can switch between images or make an exact backup of your USB flash drive / stick. It has neat user interface to quickly

Free Driver Backup, save & restore software

We have already seen 3 tools to Backup and Restore Drivers on the computer. Double Driver is free and very easy application to manage drivers on the computer. Using this free tool: you can backup, save and restore all drivers installed on the computer. It also show complete drivers

Rip & make ISO image from data on CD, DVD

ISO image of data on CD or DVD discs serve as perfect duplication of data. You can easily rip and create ISO image from data on any media disc using Free DVD ISO Maker from Minidvdsoft. It is a small and free application that allows easy rip of data to create an ISO image file for purpose

Backup web browser settings & restore via Favbackup

Web browser setting is a personal thing for any computer user. Incase you are reinstalling the operating system, there is no need to lose on your web browser settings. You can backup any damn setting of your web browser using Favbackup application. After the reinstall, you can restore all

Backup & download Google Docs files on computer

Google Docsis a cool web service from Google that allows creating and storing of different types of document files. Incase you are worried about files in your Google Docs and want to backup them immediately, checkout gDocs Backup utility. It allows you to download and backup all files in

Create eBook containing tweets of Twitter account

If you tweet very interesting stuff in your Twitter accout, how about creating an ebook containing tweets of your Twitter account? Tweetbook allows you to create a PDF ebook (or XML output) with nicely date-wise publication of tweets in your account. Related - Backup your Twitter

Copy & backup DVD movies to computer hard drive

Are you looking for simple and easy way to copy DVD movies on your computer hard drive? DVDSmith free software makes this process easy in real. Using this you can clone any DVD movie on your computer by quick copy and backup procedure. It removes all the protections (CSS, RC, RCE, APS,