Backup & download Google Docs files on computer


Google Docsis a cool web service from Google that allows creating and storing of different types of document files. Incase you are worried about files in your Google Docs and want to backup them immediately, checkout gDocs Backup utility. It allows you to download and backup all files in Google Docs account on your computer with simple single click procedure.


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After download and install of utility, you will see configuration settings window. Enter your Google Docs username and password. Also, select the folder or directory where all your Google Docs file should be saved on the computer. Click Save button and then click exec button on popup window. This utility will quickly save Google Docs files on your computer. You can also select export type document format from File > Options. Download gDocs backup utility, here is video explaining the process – very handy!



  1. Hi,
    There is another Backup Utility for Google Docs that works really great..


    The main features are :
    • Administrators can backup a single user or the entire domain user’s documents to local directory.
    • Synchronize local with remote versions
    • Download latest version of documents to save bandwidth.
    • Multiple download formats are available, including Adobe Acrobat Reader(PDF), MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Open office etc
    • Schedule as an automated task for recurring backup
    • Easy GUI backup wizard
    • Authentication Support: OAuth

    Have a Great Day!

  2. There is one more tool released last week to do the Google Docs back, not just to the local computer, but to other cloud as well. See this ReadWriteWeb article:

  3. Will not launch. Windws XP.
    Get the “has encountered a problem”….message needs to close.
    I don’t even get to the sign in page.

    • Davinder says

      @Scott I have tested this in Windows XP, it worked fine. Try using it in safe mode networking mode.

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