Backup Google Chrome Profile in a single click !


Just like Firefox you can customize your Google Chrome browser. Hence, there is need for a procedure to backup your profile settings.

You can make this process quick & easy using small utility ‘Google Chrome Backup’. This tool allows you to create, backup, restore and manage Google Chrome profiles. The profile holds personal data like history, bookmarks, etc. Everything is done with one click.

‘Google Chrome Backup’ utility will search and display available Chrome profiles on the PC. Just right click on the specific profile and click on ‘backup profile’ option. You can even create new profiles with personalize settings and customization.

Download Google Chrome Backup utility for single click profile backup.  You can find detailed steps to use this cool utility on the download link.



  1. i keep learning about more and more little advantages and quirks with Chrome, with security, for example; now if only they would take care of it’s cookie management glitches…

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