Change display name in Windows Live Messenger 2011

Do you want to change display name that appears to your contacts in Windows Live Messenger 2011 program? Newer version of Live Messenger show name as set in Windows Live profile. You can easily edit complete name displayed in Live Messenger from within the mesenger application. New

Change Windows Live Essentials 2011 language

Windows Live Essentials 2011 suite now support multiple language user interface (MUI). You can easily switch and change language of Windows Live Essentials 2011 including Windows Live Messenger. You can change language user interface to different language from language selection

Remove corrupt Windows Live Messenger installation

Are you getting "program already installed" message while trying to reinstall Windows Live Messenger? Or Windows Live Messenger does not appear in the list of programs displayed by add/remove software windows? This is a result of broken / corrupt Windows Live Messenger installation which

Online web based Windows Live Messenger

Yahoo and Google already offer web based version of their messenger service that do not require any download and install of messenger software. Now Windows Live users can also chat with their friends using official online Windows Live Messenger. This web based version does not require any

Download New Windows Live Movie Maker 14 for Windows 7 & Vista

Previously, Movie Maker application to create, edit cool movies from photos and videos has been part of Windows. This is missing from upcoming Windows 7 operating system and interested users can download all new version of Windows Live Movie Maker separately. New version has been released

Download free winks & emoticons gift pack on 10th Messenger anniversary

Windows Live Messenger is celebrating its 10th birthday with all the glitz and gift for its users. To mark this occasion, Messenger team has released free gift pack download that contains cool winks, emoticons and other stuff to dress up your Windows Live Messenger. Grab the download pack

View & export details of contacts in Windows Live Messenger

LiveContactsView is a small utility that allows you to see contacts details contained in Windows Live Messenger installed on the computer. It neatly display various details of each contact like: email address, nickname, quick name, first name, middle name, last name, last modified date,

Error 810003c1 at Windows Live Messenger IM login

"... 810003c1: We were unable to sign you in to the .NET Messenger Service". Are you receivng error 810003c1 while trying to login into Windows Live Messenger IM? If so, then there is no possible solution to this issue as of now. Why? continue reading to know the reason for this

Use multiple MSN Windows Live Messenger

Do you want to use multiple MSN Windows Live messenger windows at the same time? WLM Polygamy patch makes this possible in an easy way. Just download the latest version of the patch file. Double click on downloaded file and then hit the 'patch' button. Related - How to open Mutliple

Windows Live Messenger for Kids, German edition

Microsoft is now thinking about kids and has launched Windows Live Messenger for Kids. Strangely, it is only available in German language but it does pack in some cool features and creates environment ideal for kids. It is a web based messaging service that require installation of

HiYo cool emoticons, sounds, winks for Live Messenger

Is your Windows Live Messenger getting boring? Well, you can easily spice it up with new fun goodies using HiYo Live Messenger add-on. It adds tons of cool Winks, Emoticons, Anim

Recover password of Outlook, Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk

There are times, we enter the password click on remember password button. While that application still remembers the password and allows you to login - we tend to forget it. Mail PassView is an excellent utility to recover passwords in such situation. This utility can extract username