Add ‘Follow Me on Digg’ buttons to blog

New versions of Digg is more social with better connectivity to other social websites. You can auto publish your blog content on Digg profile and promote Digg profile on your blog using 'Follow Me on Digg' buttons. Other Digg users can follow your Digg profile (just like Twitter) and get

Auto publish latest blog posts on digg

Newer Digg allow bloggers and webmasters spread their content with greater ease. You can automatically import RSS feed and publish latest blog posts (articles) to your Digg profile using "auto submit content" feature. Just enter the RSS feed and verify its ownership to automatically send

Change Digg profile username URL

Digg has been very popular social bookmarking website which has been relaunched with new interface and features. Newer Digg is more simpler and provide better connectivity with other social networking websites. If you are an old Digg user and now wants to actively use Digg with same

Minimalistic Digg: remove ads, toolbars & footer

Digg(.com) is a popular social bookmarking and links sharing website. If you love surfing Digg website to explore new websites and content, then switch to minimalistic version of Digg. The minimal version shows you most important content being shared by Digg users minus usual

Add & display new Digg buttons, widgets

Digg(.com) is a popular social bookmarking website. Recently, it has undergone a makeover with new tweaked look and features. As a results, we also have new digg share buttons that can be displayed on your blog or website. Even digg widget showing digg posting activity has cool new

Windows Live Writer Plugins for Digg, Flickr & Twitter

Windows Live Writer is a free software to blog and interface with different blogging platforms like Wordpress, Blogger etc. New plugins have been released to make blogging more easy with Windows Live Writer. There is plugin each for interacting with Twitter, Digg and Flickr.

Post your Diggs automatically on Twitter with Twiggit

Are you addicted to twitter or digg? If yes, then 'Twiggit'can take your addiction to next level with ease. It is mashup for your activities on Digg and Twitter. It is an automated service that lets your friends on twitter know what articles you digg. So, after you submit an article

Digg with Ease using Official Digg FireFox Toolbar

For starters, digg is a popular bookmarking website where users submit links and vote on links submitted by other users. With Digg FireFox toolbar you can submit and track your diggs without actually going to the website. A notification windows is in-built into the toolbar which inform

digg + Google = GooGGle & the result will be…

Google is acquiring digg, this is not confirmed and everyone is reporting it as a rumor. More rumor ramblings, Google is offering $200 million dollar to get digg under its cloud. All backdoor negotiations are ON to get this deal through, wonder what happened to Microsoft - who was